Treatment Centers near Malibu CA

Treatment Centers near Malibu CA

Treatment Centers near Malibu CA
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Malibu, CA
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Treatment Centers near Malibu CA
Malibu Treatment Center Promises
Date Published: 07/11/2012
My experience at promises was one i will never forget. I have tried to get clean and sober many times before and never have i entered a program as educational and supportive as promises. I was able to surround myself with loving caring staff members that walked me through detox comfortably and were there 24 hours a day for the following process of uncovering and dealing with the underlying issues that helped fuel my disease. i was able to attend twelve step meetings daily and begin meeting and getting to know people in the program in several different areas of los angeles and malibu. The facility was top notch and staff was more than accommodating to each individuals' needs. I enjoyed the different educational groups along with the intense personal and family work that was done at my pace. I appreciated their ability to create a program unique to mine and my families needs. i experienced treatment in a different way than i ever had before. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive the tools necessary to not only maintain sobriety but to live a life happier than i ever thought possible. After finishing my time in the first phase of residential i decided to stay for extended care program which was a great transition tool for me with the continued support of the facility and staff. Before leaving treatment my treatment team helped me put together a detailed discharge plan that helped me transition back into the world with ease. They helped me find different places to live, different doctors to see, and all of my daily plans were set before i even stepped out the gate. I appreciate all of the time dedicated by each and every person i came into contact with. I know i cant do this alone and Promises makes sure that i never have to ever again. They have shown me a new way to live clean and sober. I would send anyone i love and care about to promises because i know that they would be well taken care of and given the tools and opportunities necessary to save their lives. I can now walk through life a different way and for that i am eternally grateful.
5 / 5 stars

If you or your loved one is faced with alcohol or drug addiction, and you currently have United Health Care PPO coverage, it may be a considerable cost savings to you and or your loved one. Substance Abuse treatment programs are covered by United Health Care PPO Insurance through their behavioral health coverage.
The level of coverage, the co-pay amount, pre-certifications and the length of treatment time, solely depends on the type of health care benefits that was selected by your employer.

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1. Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles There is always a question, as to why some people become addicted to drugs and some do not. There is no single factor, that can forecast if the individual will become addicted to drugs. The main risk factors of addiction are based on the following: health history, social environment, physical development, and drug addiction in the family. The more risk factors are present, the more person is vulnerable to drug addiction.  Genetic Predisposition. If there is a history of drug abuse and drug addiction in the family, chances are the child may be at risk for drug addiction as well. In addition to the biological factors, an unsafe and unhealthy environment may play a major role in the possibilities for drug abuse and drug addiction. In addition, there are co- occurring mental health disorders, specific gender, and ethnicity that can pose risk for drug abuse and addiction.

2. Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles  Social Environment. An environment has a large impact on the developing child or adolescent. This includes family, friends and the socioeconomic status. Additional risk factors such as peer pressure at school, physical and sexual abuse, quality of parenting can result in drug abuse and drug addiction.  Growth Development. Genetic and environmental factors affect the developmental stages of a growing child, making them more susceptible to drug abuse and drug addiction. Early exposure to drugs can develop in to a serious drug abuse in the adolescent stage. Due to a growth development in the child’s brain, that regulates decision making, judgment, and self- control, adolescence may be prone to a risk-taking behaviors, and experimenting with drugs.
3. Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles  Drug abuse and drug addiction can be prevented in our society through the “Anti-Drugs” campaigns, schools, families, communiti es and media. Drug awareness and drug prevention can be very effective to reduce or completely prevent the use of drugs. Drug education can also teach young adults and kids the consequences and harmful effects of drug abuse and drug addiction.  If a person is diagnosed with drug addiction, there is a professional help that is available for every stage of addiction , and for every type of drugs used. One common denominator in a successful recovery for drug addiction or drug abuse is the willingness to accept help, and commit to the treatment until it is completed in full.

4. Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles The sooner you get the help, the less challenging it will be to treat the addiction problem in you or your loved one. Start by searching and calling a Drug Rehab Facility to identify treatment options, costs, and the success rate of the treatment programs available.
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7. Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles For More Information Visit : http://www.drugabusehotline.or g/